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Social Technology aimed at increasing the quality of teaching and learning of Portuguese and Math during the alphabetization period in Brazilian public schools.


Selection of 6 schools in Santa Luzia do Itanhy to start the development of the Synapse Social Technology


Development of the Synapse methodology and pedagogical resources in partnership with a group of teachers from Santa Luzia do Itanhy municipal schools


The first effective and re-applicable version of Synapse for the 1st grade of elementary school was created, consisting of Pedagogical Guidebook, Lesson Plan and Digital Platform

SCALABILITY (2016-2020)

Reapplication of Synapse in all public schools in 13 municipalities of Baixo São Francisco, in the North of Sergipe, involving 130 schools, over 350 teachers, and benefiting more than 7 thousand students Start of the reapplication in the municipality of Bacabeira, in Maranhão, our 1st dissemination experience in another state


Creation of the Synapse Teacher Network (RPS), involving teachers who use Synapse as an educational methodology, to ensure sustainability and continuous improvement of the Social Technology and to engage society in the cause of high-quality literacy for all children


Pedagogical Notebook

Pedagogical Notebook integrating the Alphabetization Cycle


Lesson Planning Notebook


Creation of digital content for student use through tablets


+150 schools, 15 municipalities, 2 Brazilian states, +350 teachers and +8.000 students

Synapse Teacher Network (RPS)

Teachers who use Synapse came together in a network, seeking to assure sustainability for the methodology. Access the website.

Synapse Project - Literacy and early childhood education: a legacy for the education of Laranjeiras

The Synapse Project, in partnership with Petrobras, will unite two social technologies developed by IPTI to benefit teachers and students in Laranjeiras (SE). Access the Pedagogical Notebook 2022.

Interactions with other ST’s

Arte Naturalista

The illustrations that make up the Synapse educational materials were created by the young artists from Santa Luzia do Itanhy


Data from Synapse's digital content's usage are stored in TAG's database and can be accessed by teachers to evaluate development


Young coders developed a low-cost robotics kit to be used by Synapse's students and teachers through the tablet


Allows to monitor nutritional information and whether the students are diagnosed with anemia – a health issue that can hinder the children's learning ability

Photos and videos

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