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Building a fun and effective math teaching and learning methodology for the early years of elementary school.


Selection of teachers from 5 municipal schools to make up the research team and selection of the 20 best math students from Santa Luzia do Itanhy, to receive special mathematics training and to be future multipliers


The project team and students from various IPTI projects collectively built the pillars of this Social Technology: the Pedagogical Support Kit; the Live-Action series "1 Pé de Banana Nanica"; and a study group for the Brazilian Public School Mathematics Olympiad (OBMEP)



440 teenage and young students benefited


20 teachers directly benefited

Interactions with other ST’s

LuCA + Romanceiros + SIRi

For the production of the Live-Action series "1 Pé de Banana Nanica," a work nucleus was created with teenagers and young people from the PLOC, Romanceiros do Itanhy, Siri and LuCA projects

Photos and videos

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