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Social Technology in the area of ​​tourism, which values ​​local potential, transforming them into products
and original tourism services accessible to the market through a website and app.


The awareness stage took place in person and online and reached more than 150 pre-registrants in 4 municipalities of Sergipe, based on these numbers, the classes are being formed and so far (October 2021) we have 19 people with ideas and/or tourism businesses in development.


Each original tourist product and service is being developed from its own characteristics and needs, integrating local knowledge and practices and attributes of at least 5 other social technologies created, or still under construction, by IPTI.


JIRO Turismo website

Original and quality tourist experiences, in a practical and safe way for the traveller.

Interactions with other ST’s

Oficina de Negócios

Work entrepreneurship, provide tools to better structure a business idea or better see an existing business, aiming at the development and/or the improvement of the product or service, considering the scope of the project.


Develop audiovisual skills to better present tourism initiatives in the digital market tools.


Develop basic English to communicate with potential foreign travelers.

Romanceiros do Itanhy

Develop skills in narratives to better present the initiatives tourism in the digital market tools.


Develop the JIRO APP.

Photos and videos

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