Social Technology(Português) São “produtos, técnicas e/ou metodologias reaplicáveis, desenvolvidas na interação com a comunidade e que represente efetivas soluções de transformação social”. No caso do IPTI, todas as Tecnologias Sociais desenvolvidas pela instituição integram arte, ciência e tecnologia.
Creative economy It is an area of work that considers a coordinated, convergent and complementary integration between the tangible and intangible assets of a particular locality, as a way to boost the economy and generate wealth in a sustainable manner. In this view the process of developing products and services must allow and ensure that such products and services embodies and expresses the spirit of local culture, meaning a strategy on adding value, fostering innovation, promoting uniqueness and branding.
Social Business For-profit venture, that can may or may not have economic purposes, which the essence is in the engagement with impact and value distribution among the chain involved.