The Research Institute for Innovation and Technology (IPTI) is a private, not for profit, research institution, founded in October 2003, in São Paulo (SP), with the goal of developing integrated solutions between technology and human processes, having as priority areas education, health and creative economy.

In December 2006 IPTI has initiated dialogues with the Government of Sergipe, in order to install a center for social technologies as well as to deploy an experience of promoting human development, based on an integration of art, science and technology (The Human Project).

In December 2009 IPTI has moved its headquarters to Santa Luzia do Itanhy, one of poorest cities in Sergipe, and on April 29th, 2010 the Government of Sergipe qualified IPTI as a state Social Organization (OS), establishing a public private partnership.

In 2013 IPTI won the FINEP Innovation Award in category for Institutions of Science and Technology (ICT), for the northeast region of Brazil.

Crasto Village



To promote human development building innovative solutions with the potential to scale, to adress social problems using methodologies that combine Art, Science and Technology, in collaboration with communities.


Become a world center of excellence in solutions that truly improve the living conditions of communities.


- Local grounding / global articulation; - Risk commitment;
- Poetics of difference;
- Visible and invisible dynamics;
- Empathy;
- Trust, perseverance and overcoming.


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